As Seattle slowly opens up after our pandemic sleep, it is important that we all do our part in keeping the virus quarantined.  As of Sunday June 21st, 2020, King County is in Phase 2 of containment.  This means we are open to 5 person yoga classes (and an instructor) and we look forward to welcoming you back to the studio.


COVID 19 – What we are doing –

Urban Yoga Spa is committed to your safety while visiting our yoga and Spa.  To really make effective changes, we have completely revamped several aspects of the studio including:

Utilizing a new entrance to control the number of people in the building

Offering hand sanitizing stations upon entering the building and the yoga classroom

Removed excess items that restricted proper social distancing including the benches in our long hallway, reception chairs in the Spa, added touch-less faucets and toilets to the restroom, and improved the cleaning program to follow strict CDC guidelines.

Improved air filtration throughout the studio and Spa by incorporating air filtration using hospital grade MEV 13 air filters to ensure the air is filtered and fresh as possible.

COVID 19 – What you can do –

Wear a mask into the facility and until the practice starts.  Put your mask on after practice.

While we are newly opened and in phase 2 and phase 3 of re-opening, help us keep you and everyone safe by confirming your health before each class.  Confirm your health by completing the below form –

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