Our Goal – Make the best Espresso

The Slayer Espresso machine is the gateway to flavor profiling. Patented flow control, enabled by a precision needle valve, gives our baristas the ability to manipulate and transform the flavor of espresso. In the hands of our professional baristas, this brew actuator is the vital tool for finding the best in our coffee every time.

Know our roaster like we do

We don’t just know our roaster, we have met the farmer too!  Great coffee starts with great beans and we know you will love ours.  Onda knows the importance of supporting the farmer, selecting the perfect beans and roasting to perfection.  One taste and you will know the difference.

trücup drip coffee

Have you heard about the benefits of alkaline water and low acid?  trücup brings the benefits of lower acid to their great tasting coffee.  Whether you like a dark roast or super light, trücup has the range and taste that will amaze you.  Come have a cup and see for yourself.

Pour overs to Lattes, we have what you want

We want to make your perfect drink.  Whether you love that Almond milk latte, rich Mocha, Oat milk cappuccino, custom pour over, it is our pleasure to make your drink just the way you like it.


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